We’d like to welcome students at DTU to swim in Lyngby Swimming Club


We have swimming at all levels at different pools in Lyngby and Virum.

If you’d like to join us, please send an us an email kontor@lsk.dk telling us what kind of team you’re looking for – describe your age and level and what you whish to achieve. We will contact you.

The prices vary depending on the team – how long you train, how many times a week etc. But as a rule of thumb one hour of training per week with instruction costs around DKK 1700. It's a special deal for DTU students. The season runs from September until May 2025.


For adult we have these kinds of teams:

Adaptation - get conftable being and moving in water - all once a week

Crawl beginners - experienced - all once a week

All strokes beginners - experienced - advanced - all once a week

Master' s Team - up to three times af week (age above 25 years)

Sprint - former competitive swimmers up to 5 times af week (age 14-30 years)

Flex evening (up to 3 times), Flex morning (up to 5 times) and Flx Combi (up to 8 times) experinced and above

Open water beginners and experienced






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